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Chia Simin


Wilson is our ID. He has the answer to our question right on the dot. He knows what we want upon bringing up the idea. His design wow us the very first time. He gave his feedback and recommendation both within budget and aesthetically. Hiccup are bounce to happens during renovation but Wilson had it settled swiftly. Workmanship is good so far. Wilson even recommend clean solution. Even post renovation, Wilson still continue to answer our enquirers swiftly and provide us with the solutions and answers to them. Positive feedback were given when visitors visit our house. Will highly recommend Wilson to anyone who is looking at renovating their house. We are very glad we made the right choice in entrusting Wilson to our home.

Jayden Kyaw Htet Aung

In the world of interior design, Yvonne is indeed a rare gem. From our very first meeting, her dedication and passion were evident, even as she was on the cusp of welcoming her first child into the world. Despite the personal milestones, Yvonne remained steadfast, honoring her commitment to transform our condo penthouse unit into a haven that we are happy to call home today.

Yvonne has a remarkable knack for understanding her clients' visions, effortlessly translating our verbal descriptions and photos that we've shown her into a living reality. Her designs are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and personal touch, embodying a warm embrace in every corner of our home.

Her creativity knows no bounds, always suggesting the most splendid and suitable designs tailored to our taste. Yvonne's communication is seamless, bridging our dreams to tangible designs with a finesse that is nothing short of magical.

We wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne to all homeowners embarking on the journey to create their dream abode. With Yvonne, you are not just getting a designer; you are partnering with a visionary who respects your time, values your input, and delivers results that exceed expectations, all within the promised timeline.

Thank you, Yvonne, for pouring your heart and soul into our home, making it a true embodiment of luxury and warmth, a testimony to your unparalleled skill and the depth of your dedication.

Foo Fung Yong

Thanks to my ID Yvonne, firstly my experience with her was pretty good give me suggestion and ideas. Although there was a little issue in between but it was quickly settled the next day. Thanks !

Rachel Goh

Loved the experience with them so much! Got to work with Yvonne and she knew exactly what I like especially after I showed her reference photos. She was able to show me fresh ideas that I never considered and could also show me how the themes I wanted could be incorporated into our layout! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an interior designer!

P.S It helps greatly if you have reference photos of the themes you like, because the designers would be able to make great recommendations with it!

Daphne C

My colleague introduced me to Yvonne. My friend's colleagues got their unit renovated by Yvonne and said many good things about her so she said i should speak to Yvonne. I invited her over to my unit to have a look and she was very helpful and knowledgeable. She then shared with us her design with two 3D renders and sketches as well for every part of our house to help us envision what she is envisioning. She is very friendly, thoughtful and gave many suggestions. It was a delight working with her! Thank you for fresh ideas and putting time and effort into our home Yvonne! Highly recommend her 😍


I engaged Yvonne from Wilis because she was highly recommended by my friend. Upon engaging her and tell her what kind of design even grain design of laminates, Yvonne knows exactly which type I will like. I had hard time choosing my kitchen laminate and we searched the laminate together and Yvonne even helped me choose a nice laminate for the toilet and the new wardrobe which I forgot to choose. Her choice of designs, colours and quick-thinking solution is someone you will definitely love to work with! Her staff/workers did excellent work and even my friends were amazed by the quality of the ceramic regrouting and polishing technique that’s completely so seamless after. I am recommending anyone to approach Yvonne because not only I as a female feel comfortable working with a female ID, but she is super sharp and super fast to remember what you want to change/do.

Nor Darwish Az-Zahra

Yvonne was our ID. We were in tight schedule and she really delivers. Though there were hiccups along the way, she ensure they are being rectify immediately to how we want it to be. She is always there to pick up her phone/ reply our messages even its very late at night. She is not a pushy ID nor an ID that only wants to work with a certain min budget. They are open to all range of budget and advise accordingly. We are very satisfied with both during and after reno service. Thanks Yvonne for making our dream kitchen come true! And building up our son's bedroom. ❤️

Umesh Fernando

I recently engaged WT+A Interiors services to fully renovate my new 4R flat. My contact point was Ms Yvonne. Start from planning, budgeting, and finalizing design, everything was very smooth and proceed systematically. She accompanied us to all the places to find the suitable fittings, accessories, and other material. The entire project was delivered on time as promised. She helped me coordination with third part contractors hired by me. The quality of the workmanship is very good. I highly recommend there service to anyone who is looking for a hassle free renovation.

Jie Qin & Diana

Yvonne was our ID; she is very understanding and willing to go above and beyond to design a few concepts for us rather than just hearing and implementing your ideas. She will come up with some fantastic ideas and suggestions to design our ideal home.
Out of ten IDs, we selected her to be our ID. She offers high-quality services, and all work is completed by highly qualified professionals. Her pricing is also very transparent. She will keep us informed at every stage of the renovation. She was able to outperform and meet our deadlines despite our tight schedule. She will still make an effort to see if there are any kinks or things that need to be touched up even after handling over.
If you want to have a smooth experience, I strongly advise having them design your home. I'm incredibly grateful that we engaged them. Highly recommended!


I highly recommend WT+A services. Yvonne and her team work with a tight timeline and delivered the keys ahead of the schedule. The team delivered good workmanship of the renovations!

Eileen & YH

Thanks to WT+A Wilson for making our dream home come through! We picked WT+A over 20ish IDs because of their willingness to accept our fickle minds, and able to infuse the designs that we highlighted from various themes. As a new home owner, they were able to accommodate many of our requests without a 2nd thought. They would able to give us constructive ideas so our home would look cosier and child-friendly! Thanks WT+A! Those who are looking for someone with creative ideas, give them a try!

Robin & Santi

Yvonne was our ID and is there to help us with a lot of stuff and go the extra mile to make sure things get done with the low budget that we have. We are thankful and satisfied of her service, design and help in the journey and also her follow ups to ensure that all is well after we have moved in.

Fazli & Mira

Meeting up with Yvonne at Willis Design was very smooth. We discussed our ideas and she was very open, gave us constructive feedbacks and ideas on how we can improve on our design. Also proposed to us the best solutions to best meet with our budget.

We ended up engaging her services among other IDs that we met as she is very frank with the quotation and very easy to click with. We are comfortable with her and the renovation journey was smooth sailing despite COVID.

We are definitely with her services and the overall renovation! Will definitely recommend her to those who seek reasonable cost of reno and great design.

Nora & Isham

Yvonne was our ID. We were in tight schedule and she really delivers. Though there were hiccups along the way, she ensure they are being rectify immediately to how we want it to be. She is always there to pick up her phone/ reply our messages even its very late at night. She is not a pushy ID nor an ID that only wants to work with a certain min budget.

They are open to all range of budget and advise accordingly. We are very satisfied with both during and after reno service.

Thanks Yvonne for making our dream kitchen come true! And building up our son's bedroom.

Eugenia Cheok

We renovated at a time during COVID, first circuit breaker between Feb-June 2020. Everyone had only good things to say when they visited our home post-Reno. We had multiple built in cabinets, at an okay price.

Timeline - delayed due to Covid
Budget - Yvonne managed to work something out with us, to fit our budget strictly.

Pre-Reno: Yvonne ran through with us the designs and concept she had in mind, as we did not have any thoughts or inspiration to show her. We fully let her design our home.

During Reno: We ran into multiple hiccups as for 2 months we were unable to get any renovation work done due to COVID. There were some misunderstandings, but Yvonne and her team assured us that she will hasten the process and help us Reno our place ASAP.

After Reno: Workmanship was excellent. We had mostly no issues. When there were issues even after 1 year, Yvonne was quick to the task and helped us settle issues like ceiling heater leaking, vinyl floor damage from scratches while moving etc.

Chong Jean & Yuan Qi

We come across Willis Design through Qanvast. We shortlisted them after meeting with Yvonne.
She was very detailed and confident to give us the best services in terms of workmanship, design and the whole renovation process.

As this is not the first time we undergo renovation process, so we had our concerns (design, workmanship, communication) and Yvonne has make our whole renovation process relatively smooth.. and not to mention that our renovation is halted during the circuit breaker but the work is resumed as fast as rules are lifted and everything is on schedule.

Moreover, Yvonne is also quick to rectify any issues, making the whole renovation worry-free.

Thank you for making our home so beautiful. We never regret choosing Willis!

Sherri Low Ying Xu

Good after sales service from Wilson!

We did our renovation with WT+A 2 years ago and some cabinet doors came loose as we open very frequently.

Contacted Wilson and he sent his guys down the next day with no questions asked even though the warranty period has passed.

Keep up the good customer service!

Roland Tan

WT+A Interiors is a designer company who took customer request seriously. My designers are Yvonne and William.

I just purchased a resale flat not long ago. The previous owner did not take care of their unit well. I employed them to design my flat.

From 3D design to fully reno, they really took it very seriously. Also got give professional opinion that which furniture, lighting I must take. They also will accompany you to the particular shop where they think the product the shop sell will be able to last, not because of the design looks good, quality also counts.

After sales service also they follow up quite well. No doubt your paint or woodwork, lighting got problem, they will do their very best till 100% and follow up.

Highly recommended!

Jack & Jolene

We’ve met a few IDs through Qanvast, and finally settled on Yvonne and Wilson from Willis Design as we found them helpful, approachable and they understood what we wanted for our loft design.

We’ve had relatively smooth renovation journey: from concept to finalisation of design to the actual renovation works and finally touchup and handover, each phase comes with its own challenges, but Yvonne and Wilson were quick to respond with solutions and recommendations, any issues were also swiftly rectified. They were also very accomodating to our requests, even as we made several changes midway through the reno.

Overall, I’m very happy with their services and definitely recommend them to anyone seeking dependable and talented IDs to bring your dream home from concept to reality.

Gordan Chen

William was my ID and he was assisted by Yvonne.

I enjoyed their services very much. They were professional, helpful, creative, and good in their work. My renovation requirements were complex because it was a partial renovation of a 5-rooms HDB. Some things I wanted to salvage and others not. I even have an altar with deities on top of it. William helped me to do up a new altar and helped to migrate the deities back, all in accordance to the proper protocol. My mother was very happy with it.

Not only are existing furniture laying around, I also gave William a tight timeline because I was renting a place outside to stay for the time being. They managed to complete within the promised time despite changes in requirements along the way! I believe that they were more accommodating and agile than other ID companies because William is the project manager + designer + owner of their own carpentry workshop.

Overall, we received more value back from the price we paid. Renovating an existing place is already a big headache. William and Yvonne made the whole process a lot more bearable. Glad that we trust our instinct and went to them.

Karine Yong

Without Qanvast, we will never had the opportunity to meet and engage with so many IDs and eventually found Willis Design that is able to grasp our concept and transform our ideas into actual practical dream home design.

When work is finally commenced, we encountered a few tricky show stoppers from HDB, BCA, etc etc.. William and Yvonne were working and communicating with us closely to meet our deadline without much hassle.

The coordinations effort was awesome. The team is willing to accept new ideas and provide good recommendations. They also able to rectify the defects to perfection as they believed in giving the right customer service and quality results.

Overall, it was really a great and rewarding experience to work with William and Yvonne.

Genevieve Tay

We chose WT+A Pte Ltd after visiting 15 over IDs/ contractors and I must say, this is the best choice ever! Our project was managed by William with the help of Wilson! Out of all the IDs we have met, William displayed the strongest design sense which was the main criteria we are looking for. We told William the style we are looking for and that we wanted something different. He designed based on our discussion and impressed us with his ideas on our second meetup! Every meetup with him was a fruitful one and left us with a good impression of him and WT+A.

Our reno process went smoothly and both Johnny & I would like to thank William & Wilson for the service they have rendered to us. They are very prompt to all our replies and truly listen when we have doubts / requests during our reno process. They do frequent site visits as well to ensure that our house are done in accordance to plan and I am more than satisfied by the works they have done for my entire place.

Great design, great coordination, great follow ups and great workmanship! Everyone whom we invited to our place has sing praises on the overall design and workmanship!

I would strongly recommend William & Wilson from WT+A! Thumbs up!

Alvin Voon

William is detailed with his designs, e.g. making sure that the colours were coordinated. He also offered free 3D drawings without deposit/commitment when we were still deciding on an ID.

He managed the project well, coordinating with his sub contractors, painters, electrician etc to make sure the works were completed on schedule.

The whole process generally went smoothly, and William and Wilson are quick to respond and react to our queries or rectify any issues. Overall a good experience!

Sherise Tan

I picked Willis Design because they wowed me with the best design concept that properly utilized my flat, plus they got where I was coming from aesthetically. Because of the changes in layout, my flat is now so much brighter & open, and all design choices were very functional, such as streamlining storage space. The whole concept worked, workmanship was great and the attention to detail and pride in their work by William was very evident. Thank you for taking on my project!

Mary Tan

William our ID is able to bring out the wow effect which we wanted. The feature wall which is the centre piece of the house is rustic and his play with lighting around the house provide different mood for different occasions. Each room design truely brings out the character of the occupants. It is classy, warm and comfortable. William is a perfectionist and his demand for quality is uncomprising. Thanks WT+A and William. Good job and well done. Highly recommended.

Clement Lee

William doesn’t just suggest a prefixed renovation template in the market. He takes time to understand the owners, their stage in life and their needs before proposing a holistic design.

I'm impressed by his attention to detail and sense of professionalism. There is also the after sales service which is particularly helpful because one only notices some things later on. Highly recommended for anyone who wants an inspiring home.

Joseph Dinh

Among more than 10 IDs that we have met, William is the most hard working, professional and with style. We clicked very well and everything went smoothly. Even though they were not the cheapest but their work came with quality. We got our dream home where everyday we come back with pride. Kudos and thanks again to William-Wilson.

P.s: William actually came up with 3 different 3D designs for us to finalize!

Ms Tan

I got to know Willis Design from Qanvast. They were one of the IDs that was recommended by Qanvast. After meeting up with them, I found that the ID really understood the design aesthetic I wanted as well as the direction that I was going for.

William the ID was friendly, efficient as the renovation took 4 weeks to complete! The communication between William and me was easy and good. He took me to the showroom to assist in choosing the tiles. appliances and other materials for the renovation. Overall it was a great experience working with William and I'm happy everything run smoothly!